Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Jack=Happy Me!

I never win anything. Alright, once when I was in 7th grade I guessed how many cigarette butts were in a big jar and I won a poster of a train. But it's been a long dry spell since then until the other day...look what I got from Happy Jack Hats. She has the cutest little hats, baby booties, and check out those tasseled leggings! Dang, we lucked out. Thanks Wendy!!
In other news, I am happy to report these made it to the wall, and in record time.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little Jane for Jane

I have got to be THE WORST decorator everrrr...but at least I have a plan. This is my first experiment with photoshop and I'm a little worried they might spontaneously combust into those little red x's I can never troubleshoot.

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I would have waited until they were on the wall to show them off but at the rate I accomplish decorative tasks it could be years. But someday they are destined to reside on the wall with some of these.

Incidentally...I know I've missed some good ones...anybody else got any favorite Jane Austen quotes? Cause I've got a gal with a lot of blank walls...