Monday, November 16, 2009

in the works

Yet another attack on the scrap drawer, using this tutorial here . I actually made the blocks a wee bit bigger and was not nearly as methodical in my piecing as she is, surprise.

Except for the dark fabric no yardage was harmed in the making of this quilt. In fact, most of the strips came from old binding leftovers, of which I had an enormous boxful. Dang it felt good to make a dent in that!
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  1. Ooohhh... good job Abby. that is going to be a great quilt. I have to agree it is so satisfying to use up some of those leftovers

  2. yup. loving this. so glad that i bookmarked this when you finished it and blogged about it. I just picked up some kona charcoal, this will be a fun quilt to make.