Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the rest of it

Here's the final quilt in all it's wrinkly glory: it's been finished for a while but I didn't want to post it until it found it's new home at Christmas.

It's a cabin quilt for the new Logan Canyon cabin...I didn't get a picture of it in its spot but here is the view it enjoys:
I know, nice place to be a quilt, right?
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  1. beautiful quilt...i would love to be where it is right now.

  2. You're amazing! It's a beautiful quilt and I love that it will be Bella free.

  3. you are so talented, please send some my way!!!!

  4. oh my word, can i be that quilt! Ilove your blocks, I am gonig to try them!

  5. oh my goodness oh my goodness! this is one of my all time favorite quilts ever! and that's really saying somehting - what a zinger! i'm not sure what it is exactly but i will have to have one of these someday