Saturday, May 1, 2010

melinda's quilt

[edit: I washed it. Thanks to my little helpers for helping me take some new pictures.]

I knew I should have photographed this BEFORE I folded it up on my couch for a week.

And I know it's tacky, but I might just list this in my shop for a few weeks and see if it sells...not because I don't love it, but because I have about 16 more ideas for quilts for Melinda and if somebody buys this one I can make another...
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  1. this one is beautiful!!! it looks great

  2. I noticed that one and I love it. Love the simple straight pattern.

  3. Your quilts are the best! Mine is awesome, perfect for rolling and crawling around on. Finn loves to lay on it and look at all the patterns. I love that I have it -it makes the perfect day outing blanket to set down in a foreign place because it's so thick and big. Such cute patterns.