Wednesday, June 15, 2011

between the loads of laundry

Piles of linen destined for greatness...(if shower curtains can truly be qualified as great destinies)
some Amy Butler stash love...(now WHAT to put on the back? These lines are all discontinued so I think my favorite options are: more Kona snow OR light pink linen, any one care to weigh in?)

And a couple of lovelies for the shop.

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  1. light pink linen for sure....I love your last quilt with the scooters. have you seen the new line? I'm so loving the green and black, so cute!

    I love all your quilts!

  2. Seriously how are you so creative:) Not only are you a fabulous seamstress and creative nut you are a great neighbor too. How do you fit it all in in one day ;) Have a good one!