Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I still can't believe I made these, it's so...not my style...I don't think I ever even had a doll when I was a kid. I take it back, I had a Cabbage Patch and I don't have a lot of memories with her except getting turpentine in her hair and turning it to plastic consistency. I was a My Little Pony girl all the way. BUT when I saw these Black Apple dolls I couldn't get it out of my head to make some for my nieces for Christmas. (One of them had to get in the mail asap so she's the only one with a face for the big photo shoot. Poor li'l yellow dress didn't even get her head sewn shut til after Christmas. That's 'cause MY daughter only loves her for her stuffing. Once she couldn't disembowel her she was no fun at all. Sigh.)
I think what I REALLY wanted was an excuse to make a bunch of these ticker tape quilts. Oh my that was fun. I have an appalling stash of fabric scraps that SHOULD HAVE BEEN THROWN AWAY long ago...but I started saving them and now I can't get rid of I'm glad at least a few of them found a home.
Oh she looked sweet in a stocking Christmas morn.
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  1. Very cute! OUR little girl likes to eat hers!

  2. You MUST out these in your shop. I want one for my little girl. Actually two, there is another parrish girl on the way. I can't believe how cute these are, and the quilts are amazing. Okay, so I can believe how cute they are, you are so talented.

    1. Aww thanks Wendy. Another girl!! How exciting!! Lucky lily. I'm pretty sure jane won't be getting a sister...

  3. I'm do glad you got that photo in the stocking - do cute!