Friday, October 25, 2013

Towel of my dreams

This sounds ridiculous but I've been hunting for the perfect hand towel for my laundry room for years.  It's possibly my favorite room in the of the few that is painted and decorated and organized mostly the way I would like.  (What can I say, I'm better at small scale projects.  Still no clue what to do with the living room).  I've always wanted a laundry room, and I've always wanted a sink in said laundry room.  Now that my wildest (laundry room) dreams have come true, the only thing missing all these years has been a great towel.  


Made, actually.

I've always loved these big huge flour sack towels...they're almost like cheescloth.  Huge, light, quick dry.  But it had to be cuted up somehow.  

Enter hexagon obsession. Problem solved.

Of course I couldn't make just one so there are a few listed in the shop

( The shop, by the way, is currently open, but knowing me that is subject to change any time.  I'm hoping to list a few Christmas gift-ish goodies in the next little while and then will probably close up shop again in early December in order to fully revel in Christmas-y-ness.)

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