Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yellow Herringbone

I saw a herringbone quilt somewhere or other out there in blogland and knew I had to have one.  I tend to make everything very small since a. I have a short attention span b. sewing time is becoming increasingly limited BUT I knew this one wasn't going into the Etsy shop and as the people around here are getting bigger the quilts are going to have to keep up.
I tend to be drawn to wild patterns and bright colors and I've been wanting to try my hand at something with a limited color scheme and solid fabrics.  I LOVE the muslin and yellow together...although of course I couldn't resist a blue ikat on the back.

I believe the traditional method for these is half square triangles but I couldn't bear the thought of making that many identical pieces.  So I tried a kind of freestyle method...that I wouldn't necessarily recommend.  I sewed straight strips together and cut them on the bias, which probably did save lots of time but it was much harder to be accurate than I had anticipated and there are an awful lot of puckers where I struggled to get seams to match up.
Luckily the recipient (messy 8 year old boy) is not terribly particular.


  1. Holy moly girl!! You should be dang proud of yourself for that one :-) amazing job and completely beautiful! You inspire me to try new things. Love seeing the cute face behind it!!

  2. haha great minds think alike, I just finished mine in gray!!! I love yours in yellow and the back, nice choice of colors...