Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lookin' for backs in all the wrong places

I'm currently auditioning patterns and color schemes for my soon-to-be nephew's quilt. Haven't quite hit it yet, but we're getting closer. I like these enough that I think they deserve a non-basement scrounged backside, which is all the justification I need to hit every quilt shop in St. Louis this weekend, wahoooooo!

Good grief Charlie Brown, I LOVE zig zags!!
This poor little guy was the sad seam ripper project yesterday. I had fatter sashing in there and it was ruining our relationship. I'm pretty happy with the half inch gray though.


  1. Ohhhhh. That's how you do zig zags. I sure wish you would have worked on this project two months ago. I just finished baby boy's crib quilt in a similar zig zag design with all my unused amy butler and some other stuff. (the angles are 6o degrees instead of 90). But I didn't know really how to accomplish it, so I made a strip quilt and then cut the segments on an angle and resewed them together. That little beauty you're working on, though, looks a lot simpler and neater that what I did. Cute cute.

    That being said, I loooove the second one the most.

  2. St. Louis huh? I don't know why you are going, but if you are taking kids and have some time, you have to check out the city museum. There is so much fun stuff to do there!

  3. I just asked a friend here for that zig zag pattern after seeing the one she just finished. Don't know if I'll get around to using it anytime soon, though. I'll just have to keep looking at this blog to get inspired to start another quilt, I guess. I love the second one, too! Such great fabric.

  4. oo la la - i hope i'm closely related to the future nephew recipient of this super fabulous zig zag creation! sorry if it was supposed to be a surprise - max can't see yet so he'll be stoked on it later :)

    I'm lovin the other one too - what dynamite fabrics