Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lucy in the sky with diamonds

And it looks like I was doing drugs when I picked out the fabric for this thing. This poor quilt top has been in a tupperware for years. It was recently rescued from said tupperware, quilted and bound as part of my "take back the basement" movement. Most of my quilts remind me of something. This one reminds me of Amy Butler vomit. I saw a quilt made up with this pattern in a shop and loved it, and I can't remember now what I loved about it...oh yeah, it looked really cool, but I did not follow the directions, and mine looks slightly less cool than I could wish. There were all these templates which kind of freaked me out at the time, and then I was supposed to do the "light-dark-medium" thing, which I obviously missed the boat on. But I learned some things. For example, lightcolored fabric with huge dark colored patches does not equal medium colored fabric.

Alright, now that I've ranted a bit I think I've come to peace with it. The diamond quilting helped ever so slightly to bring out the disappearing diamonds, and if you never saw the inspiring original it's really not so bad. And now it's graduated from inhabiting the inside of a tupperware as a poor unfinished top to garnishing the outside of the tupperware as a newly knighted completed project. Felicidades.

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