Friday, October 9, 2009

my first string blocks

I've been seeing these string blocks around bloglandia and thinking I might need to give them a try. I've had this fabric for years and it's not anything I would choose now but I still like it enough to use and I think I've thought of the perfect home for it....(to be continued...) So as I was cutting blocks today I had these lovely long 1"-2" strips that I was going to decorate the inside of my trash can with and decided to give the string block thing a try and I think it may just be right up my alley. I have quite a lot of 1"-2" strips that probably should have decorated my garbage long ago, but I now foresee a lovely quilt in their future...(to be continued also...)


  1. Ha! I recognize that fabric! I had to enlarge the photo, but I am so glad it found a place to live. I love your blocks. I have never done string block but that looks pretty tempting

  2. Decorate the inside of your garbage? I need a preview of that one.