Thursday, September 22, 2011


I don't know why I love this quilt so much. It may be because it is completely made from scraps...(I'd like to say it made a dent in my scrap stash but no such luck)...
It might be because it's really really bright...and as much as I love muted colors and neutral tones when OTHER people use them, I always find myself right back to BRIGHT. (That's why I'm having a really hard time getting my house painted. I know in my heart that apple green is NOT a good thing for living room walls and yet...that is the paint chip I keep picking up.)

There's hot pink chenille on the back...sigh. I do love hot pink chenille.
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  1. bee-u-tiful! i'm loving the hot pink as well!

  2. Abby that quilt is AWESOME! SO Beautiful, I love the bright colors. I would kill for that kind of talent. We just treasure your quilts for each of the boys. I get tons of comments everywhere I go, the boys and I are always playing 'matching' with the different squares - Finn loves it. Miss you guys! (Might I add you are super woman to even find the time with three little kids to make such an incredible creation!) When I have free time lately I'm wasting away in front of the boob tube watching recorded food network shows! Steerug HB!