Wednesday, October 12, 2011

like STRIPES much?

I've been on the prowl for awesome shower curtains for...oh...years. Not finding much I decided to take matters into my own hands. (Tangent: note the apple green walls. I maybe should have drawn the line at shower curtain but ended up taking far more into my own hands. It's a little bit startling but I really really love it!)
I don't know if these actually qualify as awesome but they do not have rubber ducks, beach scenes, or purple and taupe floral motifs on them. Nor did they cost hundreds of dollars at anthropologie, where awesome reigns, but not for the common man's budget.

My favorite is the curtains for the dining room. I'm a really really rotten photographer but just take my word for it, these are a vast step up from the drop cloths I had hanging there before.

I confess I even had plans (and fabric) for striped curtains in one of the kids' rooms but realized things were getting a little out of hand in the stripe department.
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  1. AWESOME! i'm still totally in love with these... so glad you got some pictures up. I haven't started on mine yet, but when I do I will let you know..

  2. Love the stripes! Such a great idea! I can picture them all over my house now.

  3. i like stripes very much, along with your green walls ( and the blue laundry room while i'm on the record)