Monday, August 6, 2012

Sewing for Joy

This blog is 99% for completely personal gratification...just a place to keep track of projects...although I do love it when people visit!  But this time I am hoping that somebody is out there reading this...

I have a sweet friend who is expecting a little girl who will be born with anacephaly.  To meet her and learn more, visit her blog here.  I've been struggling to know how to help and just saw that there is a paypal account set up in Joy's name to help this good family with some of the costs associated with all the special medical care and the burial plots...any donations in any amount would be so appreciated.

I've been slowing the etsy shop way down but I've got big plans to pick up the pace again for a little while in hopes of raising some money for Baby Joy.  I'll be busy sewing for the rest of the week and will have some wonderful new handmade goodies to show when I reopen August 13.  All proceeds from the shop for the next month or so are going to go straight to the White family.  Thanks for anything you can do to contribute directly, or for taking the time to stock up on baby gifts...and other gifts... and help Joy at the same time.  See you August 13!


  1. Hi this is Lindsey Smith, you left a comment on my blog in hopes that that you would be able to do a button to connect back to my blog to donate. I am so bad at these things. I will ask on FaceBook and see if anyone knows how to do that cause I know it can be done I just don't know how. Your so sweet to be sewing for JOy, I love it. I hope you have success!!!!! I love the White family and I really hope we can do some good!!!