Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas quilts

I've closed the Etsy shop. I'm not gonna lie, I miss it.  But I sort of miss it like I think I would miss crack (you know, if crack were my thing).  It's more of an addiction, I'm afraid, than anything.  Maybe I'll ramble more on that later.  The point is, I never work on stuff for MY kids, and closing my shop has given me a bit of a chance to catch up on some of the things I've wanted to make for them.  
I wanted to make my big boys snuggle quilts for Christmas...just something simple and cozy and the perfect size for them to curl up and read or watch TV with.  
 Oh...the color possibilities!!  I finally arrived at a couple of combos I am really happy with. 
Bright and happy but still very boy-ish.

 The happy recipients: they were good sports to pose for me.  


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