Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots of Dots

For some reason, I have no problem picking out fabrics and patterns for quilts for everybody else, but when it comes to making something for my own kids, I'm always stumped.  I think I over think it.  I have WAY too many incredible patterns pinned and stashed and even imagined and I always want to make them that one special thing they will want to keep forever.  But the truth is...I no longer have (make?) time to do anything beyond the most basic of projects.  Maybe it's my time they will appreciate more than the thing I used my time to make for them. I know they would prefer I spent it playing Go Fish than making them heirloom quilts.
So my "baby" got his quilt for his first birthday.  Wow.  That's a slowpoke record even for me.  
 I have been in love with polka dots for a long time and one day I just binged and bought a half yard of every polka dot fabric I could find.  I decided to just go for it while I was still excited about them, so I cut them all up into squares and alternated them with natural linen (my other fabric crush right now).
 SO simple, but I LOVE how it turned out.  Once again I'm glad I took the time to quilt along the edges of each seam.  It measured 45" x 60" (standard crib size) which is the perfect size to cover the crib mattress.  It's a little smaller now that it's been washed and dried but still does the job.
 I know I took some pictures of it before I washed it but I can't seem to locate them.  It was very crisp before but I am so in love with the crinkly look of washed linen.  It has an orange shot cotton on the back and is so soft and cozy.
 I couldn't resist a striped binding.
Happy birthday, babe!


  1. Holy cow it is amazing!! Great job! Can't wait to see it

  2. Holy cow it is amazing!! Great job! Can't wait to see it

  3. your lucky babies and their "sheets" - they'll never know the luxury upon which they nap