Wednesday, August 26, 2009

estee's (baby's) quilt

Estee, you don't read blogs, right? Because this isn't in the mail quite yet and I wanted it to be a surprise.
My friend that I grew up skiing with married another friend that I grew up skiing with and they reproduced and their offspring will most certainly end up skiing, hopefully with my offspring, and so my offering thoughtfully blends fond memories of the past with bright hopes for the futrue. Sadly, nobody I have showed this to can tell that those blocks in the middle are supposed to be SKI BOOTS. (kind of like how nobody probably realized that whole bit about fond memories and bright hopes was tongue in cheek, please tell me you don't think I'd REALLY talk like that...)
I just have to mention the serendipitous process of binding this quilt: I do a lot of my bindings by machine these days but I wanted to do this one by hand and so I spent the morning on my lovely new red bench (thanks Allison!) alternately watching Henry draw with chalk and drown bugs, putting together a superhero puzzle and binding a quilt. Aaahhhh.


  1. I could tell it was ski boots and I was just telling Mitch how cool it was when I read that no one has been able to tell. I think that is so cool and amazing, how do you do it. I can't even piece together squares. I love the new blog. I love creative blogs.

  2. I knew it was ski boots, too! Yay, I get to see your quilts! Glad your doing this blog.

  3. Totally could tell those were ski boots. You're just in the wrong part of the country for people to clue in. Cute stuff, Abby!