Sunday, August 23, 2009

testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

It's only fitting that my first post should be my grandmother's flower garden since it's entirely possible that the finished product will be my last post. It's something of a life long project. What you see here is 5 years worth.
It has now graduated from placemat size to potential baby quilt size, measuring in at 42" square were I to sew it together as is. I've always said this is to be my daughter's quilt and so, as soon as she makes her appearance I will begin actual assembly. If she doesn't appear, I will be buried with a king size grandmother's flower garden.


  1. just make sure you don't have TWO daughters, or #2 will be awfully jealous.

    and btw, I just received the baby quilt in the mail and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Even john loves it, which is saying something. And the girls are fighting over it right now, so thank you! Having a baby would really be lacking something without an op quilt.

  2. I certainly hope you have a daughter but if not I will have a good long laugh (on earth or in heaven) when your coffin has flowers you made draped over it instead of one of those massive arrangements from the florist. Oh this is so beautiful already!! I keep wanting to claim it like we do mom's quilts but you're only a few years older than me and much healthier so there goes that plan - i might have to make my own