Monday, August 24, 2009

Heather's (baby's) quilt

I took a small hiatus from my etsy shops (to be continued?) and made some little goodies for people I know and love. That can be scary because when I am creating without intent to sell I sometimes get a little crazy with my combos. This little number is for my cousin Heather's first baby.

Eww, nasty picture of the back, I know, but it was so cute when it wasn't blurry.


  1. Well I guess it is totally appropriate for an unbiased observer like myself to be your first comment. Heather is one lucky gal. It is so fun for me to see the progression of your taste. So far I love ALL your quilts. I don't think you are going to get any of those nasty things I have hidden on the basement beds or closets. Why is that???

  2. Hey, it's Keri Hansen from the good ole' GlenCourt apt. complex. I actually finished the quilt you help me start... after it sat in my basement for four years. Now I have completed a whopping 5 quilts since then and am lovin' it. Thanks for the inspiration! We hope all is well in Iowa.