Friday, March 26, 2010

back to blue...but only for a minute

My neighbor just birthed the CUTEST little piece of humanity ever....alright I'm still a little partial to my nephew but seriously this new specimen is top notch. He's a second boy so I had envisioned something different than just blue but when I found out the nursery was blue and gray it seemed like the perfect chance to get out the scrap drawer again. Man this was fun.
This time the quilting (a la my aunt june) showed up quite a bit the pictures I mean. Not that I'm getting any better AT it, but the overexposure helps it show up a bit. I know the thread looks black, it really matches I promise, I'm just still working on getting the hang of the new camera. Alright and I confess, Photoshop Elements is still in the box. I'll work on that too.

This is what the quilt was meant to be. I wasn't ready to give up the color scheme entirely so it became the burp cloth.

I know, it REALLY needs a grommet, it just does. But I couldn't wait another second to see the little bug and I couldn't show up empty handed (these people don't like chocolate so it was a quilt or nothing). I'll just have to make another one.


  1. The quilting looks fabulous! Love the grey.

  2. I assume this is Brennan.... congrats to her, and lucky her. I'm with you Skye - that quilting is really cool

  3. so i took my striped quilt to the quilter and i kept looking through her books and scrolling through her hundreds of computerized quilting options thinking, "you know what would be perfect is that scribble quilting abby posted about - i wonder if she has anything like that?" no success there - and now that i see this one i don't think i'll be as satisfied with what i chose - too badd (yes bad with a double d, because i'm so sadd) my giant king won't fit under your sewing machine - boo hoo