Monday, March 1, 2010

small miracle

I guess that title could refer to the sweet new baby who inspired this final burst of productivity, or to the fact that I finally made something. For some reason my pictures are refusing to be organized tonight so here they are in their own choice of order.

The quilt: (oh how I hated this thing while I was sewing it together, but we are on better terms now)
The bibs: (my sister appreciates wacky fabric combos and reversibility as much as I do)
The swaddle blanket: (there just wasn't any rockin' flannel out there, so we went the 2-sided cotton route with a piece of flannel for batting, can't wait to hear how that works out...or doesn't...)
And the quilt again.
I REALLY like the back.
I am (was?) planning to do zig zag quilts for my boys' beds, but I barely survived this little guy so I'm thinking that in order to manage 2 twin-sizers I may have to do fewer zig zags and leave them some open space to roam in. I kinda like the floater.
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  1. this looks really cute....i love a zig zag quilt.

  2. i hope your boys are lucky enough to get zig zags, but i'm sure glad that my boy has his for sure - i can't tell you thrilled i am to have such scenic tummy time and couch throw from now on - yay goodie!

  3. and yes i do love wacky fabric combos and reversibility o so much

  4. I'm glad you're feeling 'up' to sitting at the machine again. I remember those yucky days. I LOVE that quilt! I've had my eye on AM Horner's fabric with that pattern and can't wait to make it, but now I'm nervous...was it that bad?

    Can't wait to see what creations are made for YOUR little one. You're so great at being able to put fabric together and having it look AMAZING!!

  5. Sorry to blog stalk, but I linked here from Skye and thought you might want to look at a zig-zag on a site I just found that I'm going to try...Go to and look at number 8 (2nd row, 2nd from left) there is a link to the specific quilt instructions on the right-hand side part way down-called zig-zag quilting. It's a zig zag, but a simpler way to do it. Just thought I'd throw that in.