Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I want to put them everywhere...it's like my repressed Bedazzler fantasy is now manifesting itself in an obsession with grommets. Watch out Baby Girl, you may be getting all kinds of hardware in your little pink blankets.

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  1. very cute...i have always wanted a bedazzler...i love the fabrics on the bag

  2. I love the gromets on my bag, and I saw a quilt just the other day - probably on one of your design blogs that had a big grommet in the corner. It was cute.... so I guess its ok if you put them in the sweet baby girls blankets too

  3. giggle giggle - ahh the bedazzler - i'm viewing the commercial in my head right now - i'm so lucky i got a grommet project - i've already gotten at bunch of compliments on it - everyone i know wants a sister like you