Friday, March 26, 2010

back to blue...but only for a minute

My neighbor just birthed the CUTEST little piece of humanity ever....alright I'm still a little partial to my nephew but seriously this new specimen is top notch. He's a second boy so I had envisioned something different than just blue but when I found out the nursery was blue and gray it seemed like the perfect chance to get out the scrap drawer again. Man this was fun.
This time the quilting (a la my aunt june) showed up quite a bit the pictures I mean. Not that I'm getting any better AT it, but the overexposure helps it show up a bit. I know the thread looks black, it really matches I promise, I'm just still working on getting the hang of the new camera. Alright and I confess, Photoshop Elements is still in the box. I'll work on that too.

This is what the quilt was meant to be. I wasn't ready to give up the color scheme entirely so it became the burp cloth.

I know, it REALLY needs a grommet, it just does. But I couldn't wait another second to see the little bug and I couldn't show up empty handed (these people don't like chocolate so it was a quilt or nothing). I'll just have to make another one.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

let there be pink!! (green and turquoise allowed also)

At first I was having a hard time wrapping my head around pink...I was leaning more toward yellow and brown and cream, or maybe green and gray? But once I started pulling fabrics out I warmed right up to the idea. After all, this may be my only chance. Let's do this baby girl thing right.
Now I'm trying to decide though, should I go ahead and mix all the colors in all the blocks? Or do green blocks, turquoise blocks, and pink blocks? Oh this is such uncharted territory for me, I am at a loss.
One thing is for sure though, LOVE those green elephants. Mmmmmm.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This was a custom order and it was nice to have an excuse to just sew some big blocks together, especially these ones...I really really love this fabric.

I took the liberty of piecing the back...hope she likes it...I just couldn't help myself.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I want to put them's like my repressed Bedazzler fantasy is now manifesting itself in an obsession with grommets. Watch out Baby Girl, you may be getting all kinds of hardware in your little pink blankets.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

small miracle

I guess that title could refer to the sweet new baby who inspired this final burst of productivity, or to the fact that I finally made something. For some reason my pictures are refusing to be organized tonight so here they are in their own choice of order.

The quilt: (oh how I hated this thing while I was sewing it together, but we are on better terms now)
The bibs: (my sister appreciates wacky fabric combos and reversibility as much as I do)
The swaddle blanket: (there just wasn't any rockin' flannel out there, so we went the 2-sided cotton route with a piece of flannel for batting, can't wait to hear how that works out...or doesn't...)
And the quilt again.
I REALLY like the back.
I am (was?) planning to do zig zag quilts for my boys' beds, but I barely survived this little guy so I'm thinking that in order to manage 2 twin-sizers I may have to do fewer zig zags and leave them some open space to roam in. I kinda like the floater.
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